Personalization of Customer Experience Yields Dividends for Kunzmann

Autohaus Kunzmann
Product Recommendations

In cooperation with our integration partner Complex, Recombee provides product recommendations for one of Germany’s most popular automotive e-commerce sites - Autohaus Kunzmann. The renowned platform has several thousand first places in SERPs as a go-to shop for tuning, interior, original parts, tires, and wheels for renowned car brands. Application of Recombee’s advanced solution based on Complex’s valuable market know-how lead to a significant increase in shopping cart volume and provides fully AI-driven recommendations.

increase in shopping cart volume
and click-through rate


  • A high number of interactions.
  • Customers distracted from their actual interest by other products listed in the online shop.
  • Kunzmann’s CMS pages consist of a selection of many modules that can be configured and placed freely.


  • Personalization based on user behavior insights and product attributes.
  • Recommendation of complementary products (cross-sell).
  • Set the relevance of the respective products and their display order.
  • Real-time response in large traffic.
  • Solve the cold start problem.


  • Fully AI-driven recommendations in every shop product list - “Recommended for you”
  • Add-to-cart principle product recommendations to encourage further purchases.
  • Low-price and price-independent items based on the business rules set by Complex.
  • Recommending available products from the same category (AMG or Mercedes Benz), that fit user behavior.

Benefits & Results

  • Shopping cart volume increased by 8%.
  • The click-through rate increased by 8%.
  • Overcoming of a cold-start problem.
  • Activating personalization within 0.4 seconds, avoiding downtimes.
  • Improvement and extension of customer’s shopping session.

“Recombee is an amazing recommendation engine and its implementation marks the launch of our e-commerce personalization experience. Application of product recommendations is only a starting point for further use cases such as content personalization, car recommendations and personalized search.“

Dennis Ostner
Head of E-commerce, Robert Kunzmann GmbH & Co. KG

About Complex

With 35 years of rich experience in software development, Complex is an internationally renowned strategic business partner based in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Their team specializes in cross-sector e-business strategies, future-oriented trends, and developments. Complex assists their customers in numerous areas starting with analyzing their own processes all the way up to the implementation of the new individual e-commerce solutions and connected ERPs and logistics systems. As Recombee’s partner Complex helps clients to:

  • Obtain the necessary business insights using a variety of methods.
  • Make the potential for increasing sales transparent and define the measures required to exploit the potential.
  • Individual advice on the necessary and best possible business rules for the respective positions where the AI-driven recommendation engine is integrated.
  • Continuous monitoring of the previously defined KPIs and implementation of optimization cycles to get the most out of every point.

About Autohaus Kunzmann

Autohaus Kunzmann’s e-shop is one of the most popular automotive car dealer e-commerce platforms in Germany and offers a wide range of products such as tuning, exteriors/interiors, replacement parts & wear parts, tires & wheels and accessories for automotive enthusiasts from reputed brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Brabus, Lorinser, Volkswagen, Smart, and AMG.

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