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Satisfaction Delivered Through Personalized Content Recommendations

Showmax has chosen Recombee as a long term strategic partner for personalization service.

Together, we are developing fast growing global SVoD service that understands the preferences of individual users.

Countries and multiple


  • Millions of Recommendation possibilities.
  • Tens of thousand of videos to recommend.
  • Static recommendations managed by editors.


  • Recognize preferences of individual users.
  • Respond in real-time under large traffic.
  • Real-time response in large traffic.
  • Multiple countries and languages.


  • Automatic personalized recommendations of Movies and series.
  • Model for every single user with real-time updates.

Benefits & Results

  • Increased user engagement.
  • Higher satisfaction with Showmax products.
  • Decreased churn rates.
  • Intense collaboration on new features.
  • Constant innovations and state of the art algorithms.
  • Ability to customize recommendations for business needs.
  • Ability to handle country specific content and limitations.


Fully Personalized Homepage

Automated personalized rows with movies and series using a rich mixture of algorithms and advanced configuration options.

Recommended For You

Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, the system provides an automatically curated list of content tailored to individual tastes, analyzing various data points such as genre and release date.

Most Popular

Showing the most popular content across the whole platform while still being personalized to individual users.

Series Picked Just for You

The personalized row of Series that are tailored to meet your unique taste and spark your interest.

Showmax Collections

Recommending collections of precisely hand-picked movies based on the behavior on the platform and content similarities.

Browse Pages Personalization

Transforming the browsing experience into a curated film festival with smart recommendations that resonate with users' unique cinematic taste.

Movies for You

Utilizing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the system conducts a multi-dimensional analysis of data points to generate highly accurate recommendations so the users find their next movie binge in a matter of seconds.

Movies from Same Genre

AI-driven recommendations that bring viewers closer to their next favorite film, making every movie night a memorable experience.

Video Detail Personalization

AI-driven recommendations that bring viewers closer to their next favorite film, making every movie night a memorable experience.

People also Watched

Presenting relevant similar movies based on the video the user is currently watching and the behavior of other users on the platform.

Watch Next

Motivating users to stay in the binge-watching zone using end-of-playback recommendations while maximizing enjoyment and satisfaction with the platform.

“Recombee is capable of scaling the service and keeps pace with our rapid growth. Constant innovation and proactive development of new features makes our collaboration smooth and pleasant.“

Meindert van der Meulen
Head of Strategy and Business Intelligence at Showmax

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