Bringing Personalization to Advertising for 160 Million Monthly Views

Segundamano is one of the largest online marketplaces in Mexico offering exceptional product diversity. Due to the high number of products available, and the constantly changing content, it was not practical to manually browse and manage each and every recommendation given to consumers. We solved this personalization challenge by providing Segundamano with a high-tech recommender engine built on collaborative filtering-based models.

3x more conversions
from users who engage with recommendations


  • Difficult to sort through high amount of product offerings.
  • 4 million products/month.
  • Highly heterogeneous products.


  • Recognize preferences of individual users.
  • Balance personalization and discovery of products.
  • Find similar products.
  • Real-time response in large traffic.


  • Deep learning image models to determine similar items.
  • Advanced processing of Spanish text titles and descriptions.
  • A combination of collaborative-filtering and robust text mining models.
  • Real-time model updates and recommendations under 100 ms.
  • High performance without compromising quality.

Benefits & Results

  • Automatic personalized recommendations applied to Product Detail Pages (‘También te podría interesar’/‘You may also like’ recommendation box)
  • 10% item views attributed to Recombee recommendations
  • 3x more Conversions from users who engaged with recommendations
  • 4x more Interactions from users who engaged with recommendations
  • Real-time product personalization

“Our developers love Recombee documentation as well as quick and valuable technical support. We see Recombee’s “recommendationsToUser“ algorithm as a great option to start offering a personalized experience on our site.”

Marco Alvarez
Product Manager at Segundamano

About Segundamano

Segundamano is the largest online classifieds ads platform in Mexico. With its business model similar to Craigslist in the US, Segundamano seeks to be the best meeting point between sellers and buyers allowing them to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Segundamano’s platform offers an array of products such as furniture, electronics, and clothing, as well as real estate ads and job offers. The online marketplace belongs to Adevinta, a Norwegian multinational company that is one of the most ambitious technology and product companies in Europe, serving more than 250 million users worldwide.

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