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Driving Growth for the World’s Leading Pet Marketplaces

Pet Media Group is a dynamic and innovative digital media company dedicated to helping thousands of animals every day find their loving forever home and guide their human caregivers through the process.

On the mission to partner with and acquire the market-leading pet and horse marketplaces across Europe, Pet Media Group adds value to consumers, businesses, and animals through technology, marketing, operations, and capital.

Recognizing the significance of delivering highly relevant and personalized content to their audience to drive their discovery and re-engagement, the company decided to implement Recombee.

from newsletters
Click-through rate
on suggested adverts
Conversion rate
from visitor to active buyer


  • Simple in-house solution for showing relevant adverts
  • Multiple “dead-ends” on the platform where customers frequently ended their session
  • Presence in markets with less supply and more demand (need to maximize the customers’ probability of finding the right pet)


  • Flexibility in supporting multiple recommendation use cases across all the brands
  • Simplicity of implementation & configurability for own specific KPIs
  • Better discovery of adverts & customer re-engagement (more recurring & loyal customers)


“Time to live” is almost third in comparison to other alternatives on the market

Thanks to the existing product feed, working proof of concept was a matter of minutes.
A highly customizable feed reader supporting various formats allows our customers to upload the whole catalog in a few clicks.

A dedicated support team guiding through the implementation in case of any uncertainties.

No more "Sorry, 0 results found" pages

Recombee covers all those situations to make the user discover other relevant content, rather than churning.
AI-powered personalized recommendations based on multiple parameters including the pet taxonomy.

Fully Recombee-powered email recommendations

Using emails as a channel has gone from being something that only drives marginal value to a core part of PMG’s overall growth strategy.

Highly scalable infrastructure enabling sending of millions of monthly emails at ease.

Fine-tuned rotation mechanism to increase the recipients' discovery and content relevance.

Benefits & Results

Website Personalization

  • 29% increase in click-through rate on suggested adverts
  • 17% increase in conversion rate from visitor to active buyer
  • Increased number of listings that each buyer interacts with
  • Expansion of the session duration


  • -36% of unsubscribes
  • +18% in open-rate
  • +34% in click-rate


Homepage Personalization

One of the first personalization touchpoints for first-time users on every brand homepage under the Pet Media Group portfolio.

A mixture of collaborative filtering models combined with popularity-based models to show relevant content from the very first session which is more tailored as the user interacts with the platform.

Advert Detail Personalization

Customers often come to the platform with non-specific notions expecting that relevant adverts will be shown to them and help them through the decision-making process.

This unique collaborative-filtering scenario backed by content-based models on the advert detail helps undecided customers find the pet they love based on their similarities and behavior characteristics (e.g. playfulness, fearlessness, etc.).

Search Results Personalization

A crucial scenario to keep the visitors engaged and help them discover possible alternatives when they search for something specific and have no results for it.

One of the most tailored sets of models based on animal taxonomy to find the right candidates to show and prevent visitors from churning to other platforms.

Newsletter Personalization

Contacting registered users via our personalized emails became a key component of growth across all the markets thanks to its relevance and effectiveness.

State-of-the-art models together with distinctive parametrization of how often should be recommended content shown again based on the success of other emails make it easy to discover new content of interest.

“Our experience with Recombee has been exceptional, improving our marketplace's efficiency and user engagement. Integration was quick, taking less than two hours, accelerating our time to market. The low total cost of ownership and the intuitive UI for seamless system adjustments allowed our team to innovate at an unprecedented pace.

Recombee's impact on our metrics across various touchpoints - on-site, in-app, and through email and push notifications - has been phenomenal: a 29% increase in click-through rate, a 17% boost in on-site conversion rate, and an 18% increase in email open rates, 34% increase in click-through rate and 36% decrease in unsubscribes, significantly elevating the relevance of our communications.

The value of Recombee's robust recommendation system is essential for any e-commerce player aiming for a competitive edge without the massive investment of developing this expertise internally.“

Eyass Shakrah
Eyass Shakrah
Co-Founder at Pet Media Group
Pet Media Group

About Pet Media Group

Through innovation, technology, and access to capital, Pet Media Group has a unique position to lead the modernization of pet marketplaces all over Europe to help over 1.5 million animals every year find their new loving home.

With a diverse portfolio of websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms, Pet Media Group offers a comprehensive range of content, including articles, videos, product reviews, and interactive experiences centered around pets and horses.

Recombee powers personalization on all brands under the Pet Media Group.

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