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Partnered with Geneea to Personalize News for Economia

In a continuous effort to improve its online products, Economia a.s., a Czech media company running a number of news portals and thematic websites, decided to explore the power of artificial intelligence for personalization. Based on a superb A/B test performance, Recombee’s news personalization system together with Geneea’s NLP engine were selected as the winner in a tender of several commercial solutions.

Since then, our solution has been expanded to the portal with over 50 million recommendation requests per month. Deployment to several other large sites is planned within the next few months.

Increase Conversion Rate


  • Hundreds of articles published every day.
  • 300,000 historical articles.
  • Static content selection managed by editors.


  • Recognize preferences of individual users.
  • Balance personalization and discovery of new content.
  • Find similar articles.
  • Real-time response in large traffic.


  • Automatic personalized recommendations of articles, news and videos.
  • Model for every single user with real-time updates.
  • Automated feature engineering.
  • Integrated NLP for understanding article content to improve recommendations.

Benefits & Results

  • 64 % increase in Conversion Rate compared to recommendations by editors
  • Saving editors’ time previously spent on continuous manual content selection
  • Saving money spent on manual content selection
  • Increasing relevancy of content for individual readers
  • Positive impact on reader satisfaction: more articles read, longer website visits
  • Improved advertisement revenue

Scenarios - Video Detail

Recombee applied to Doporucujeme (“Recommended”) section. - Home Page

Recombee applied to Doporucujeme (“Recommended”) section. - Article Detail

Recombee applied to Mohlo by vas zajimat (“You could be interested in”) section.

“Thanks to Recombee’s recommendation service and Geneea’s NLP, we were able to personalize news and articles for visitors of our major portals (,,, increasing the number of pageviews by 64 percent. We expand recommendations to other scenarios such as video recommendations or personalized galleries.“

Vojtěch Kostelecký
Product Manager, economia

About economia

Economia, a.s., a European Business Press member, is a major Czech publishing house specializing in economic and professional periodicals. The internet division of the company runs over 20 out of the most important news and professional websites in the country, including and Together, they serve 500M page-views per month. Economia takes great pride in the trustworthiness and objectivity of information it provides. It became a reliable source of information for 66 % of Czech business owners, top management and public administration representatives.

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