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Elevate Your Personalization Strategy with Recombee's Innovative Features

Jan Valuch
Mar 13

The digital landscape and customer preferences and behavior are changing faster than ever now. To help our clients stay on top of the game, our team has focused on developing innovative features that give a competitive advantage to companies aiming to utilize cutting-edge AI and fine-tuned algorithms to meet their goals. The result is an arsenal of features designed to increase engagement, satisfaction, sales, and overall growth.

Features Designed to Improve Your Recommendations


Constraints is a feature that enables you to configure how items with shared conditions (e.g., product category or movie genre) may repeat within the individual recommendation boxes. You might want to recommend at most 50% of movies from a single genre, just one product per brand, or at most 2 items from each category. With Constraints, you can create an even more diverse and engaging experience.

Examples from different industries:

  • VOD and similar companies can ensure that movies from multiple genres will be recommended in one row.
  • Media companies can mix free articles with premium articles on one page.
  • E-commerce businesses can ensure that a variety of products from different vendors will be recommended.

Item Segmentations

Your quest for great personalization doesn’t stop with merely recommending products or individual pieces of content. Thanks to Item Segmentations, you can get the top categories, artists, or brands according to each user’s preferences.

You can even personalize the order of the rows on the homepage using this unique feature! Users will no longer have to sift through the site or scroll endlessly to find their favorite category. Instead, they can see the content they are most likely to engage with right at the top of the page.

Search Widget

The Quick Search Widget offers you an innovative way to seamlessly integrate Recombee's personalized search functionality into your website, providing an alternative to using the API.

Thanks to this low-code editor solution, you can customize it to match your overall website design in just a few clicks. You can choose which items or item segments (e.g., categories, genres, or artists) are recommended, the order in which the sections are displayed, and even the visual appearance of an item in the widget.

New Ready-To-Use Logics

Logics help Recombee users tailor the behavior of recommendations to meet their specific goals. After picking a Scenario, the place where you want to show the recommendations (e.g., home page, emailing, detail page, full-text search), you can choose from our selection of Logics.

Examples of most popular Logics:

  • Video and Media: just for you, similar content, read/watch next, continue watching, and popular
  • E-commerce: similar products, bestsellers, or complementary products (cross-sell)

AI ReQL Code Assistant

One of the ways to get the desired behavior or recommendations is to customize by adding business rules (filters and boosters). The use of rules varies by industry, but here are some of the most common examples.

E-commerce companies might use boosters when they need to promote certain brands or high-margin products. On another note, a filter might help them to recommend only products that are currently available.

Video platforms such as FTV Prima can use boosters to favor certain content (e.g., increase the visibility of paid content or content selected by editors). Filters might be used to show different content in each row on the homepage (e.g., only award-winning movies or only episodes published in the last 7 days).

When applying these business rules, you can choose from our library of predefined rules or use the Recombee Query Language (ReQL). But don't worry about coding complex queries - our AI ReQL Code Assistant will do the work for you. Simply describe how you want your business rules to behave in your natural language and watch our assistant generate the ReQL code. You can also ask for a simple explanation of your current business rules or see the history of the conversation.

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