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Engage Audiences
With Emerging Topics
in Real-Time

Recombee’s engine is designed to build rich relationships with the readers, improve KPIs, and push your site through the ranks!

Articles, News, Media

Use Cases

Articles For You

Boost engagement with personalized 1:1 articles discovery.

Related Articles

Enable users to discover personalized content recommendations based on their interests.

Trending Articles

Showcase the diversity of your platform with the hottest local articles in your users' region.

Search Articles

Make sure the desired articles get found within a few keystrokes with a full-text search for content.

Weekly Digest Email

Sweeten the discovery experience through personalized emails with articles tailored to the user's taste.

Personalized News Feed

Automate and tailor all your news feed rows 1:1 for each user.

Read Next

Motivate users to stay in the binge-reading zone using infinite scroll recommendations.

Cross-Site Recommmendation

Allow for a comprehensive and seamless user experience by delivering recommendations across all your sites.

Daily Digest Email

Run campaigns through personalized emails with recently added news matching individual criteria.

Save editors time, increase subscriptions and boost emerging topics in real-time

With new content emerging every minute, it is a challenging task to keep a deep connection with individual readers. Our AI recognizes sudden emerging topics - which will be pushed upfront and bring traffic to your sites, thus increasing your ability to stay competitive.

We utilize predictive algorithms that analyze content attributes and readers behaviour to recommend the most relevant articles. Our models recognize users’ preferences within milliseconds, and provide real-time recommendations - even to unknown or first-times visitors. Recombee offers application of boosters and filters, that allow for automatic organization of content, e.g. boosting premium content or editorial picks.

Recombee’s recommendation engine analyzes each content property such as title, date of publication, author, tags, expiration date, lead paragraphs or paid/unpaid content applying NLP in 80 languages. We react to each new click or newly released content immediately, analyzing interactions like detail views, bookmarks, scroll down rates or likes.

Core Technology

Adapting to your data

Adapting to your data

A robust system that can utilize all data available to generate great recommendations for your users, including content-based models and NLP.

Dynamically Retrained Models

Dynamically Retrained Models

Real-time content personalization to adapt to the flourishing customer’s tastes and consider the fast-changing media content.

Specific Functionalities to News and Articles

Specific Functionalities to News and Articles

Deep Natural Networks to recognize emerging topics and automatically prioritize suggesting the trending material.

AI-powered A/B Testing

AI-powered A/B Testing

In-house AutoML AI applied to keep maximal KPIs and advance the deep learning algorithm functions.

Advanced Business Rules

Advanced Business Rules

Boosters or filters to push forward the desired articles and easy to manipulate, adjustable rules for additional optimization of your content.

Real AI Inside

Real AI Inside

Reinforcement learning and other algorithms designed to recognize users’ preferences within milliseconds and provide real-time recommendations, including a boost of premium content.

"As a founder of a new age media platform, increasing customer engagement is our number one goal and Recombee helped us in the same with their fantastic recommendation engine. NewsBytes has been working with Recombee for more than 6 months now and we are extremely happy with Recombee’s product."

Sumedh Chaudhry
CEO at NewsBytes