Replacing Outdated Recommendation Algorithm With Easy to Integrate Solution Across 5 Media Brands

The next-generation media company, Unfiltered Media Group, LLC, seeks ways in growth markets to create connections with enthusiastic audiences using both print and digital magazines, books, videos, online courses, apps, festivals, and more, with which they have rich experience.

After simple integration, testing, and deployment which took just a couple of hours, Recombee was able to increase click-throughs in time across their 5 different media brands by 50% and improve the user experience and engagement of millions of monthly readers. Recombee is currently deployed on five of their websites and in the 17 different user experience points (scenarios).

Increase in CTR


  • Use of general recommendation algorithm.
  • Millions of monthly readers.
  • 5 different media brands.


  • Recommender engine able to provide both product and content recommendations.
  • Personalization of periodical emails sent to the customers.
  • Customized homepage with top-notch recommendations.
  • A fully personalized experience for every individual reader.


  • Use of different models for both content and product recommendations.
  • Unique recommendation scenarios on each brand’s homepage.
  • Personalization of periodically sent emails.
  • Recommendation of trending articles.

Benefits & Results

  • 50% increase in click-throughs.
  • Improvement of user satisfaction.
  • Increase of average time spent.

“Prior to Recombee, we used a general recommendation algorithm based on popularity and date published. Since moving our recommendation system to Recombee, we’ve seen a 50% increase in click-through across our 5 media brands (millions of readers per month). Recombee was easy to integrate, test, and deploy within just a couple of hours.“

Haydn Strauss
Chief Operations Officer at Unfiltered Media Group
Unfiltered Media Group

About Unfiltered Media Group

The Unfiltered Media Group is channel-agnostic. Through print, digital, and social media they reach demographically diverse buyers by developing media brands and products that resonate with today's consumers on every relevant platform.

Recombee is the go-to recommender engine for Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, Brewing Industry Guide, and Long Thread Media (Handwoven, PieceWork, and Spin Off).

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