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Recombee Partners With Axinom to Enhance Video Streaming Experiences

Jan Valuch
Mar 20

Prague, March 18, 2024 – Recombee, the leading innovator in AI-driven recommendation technologies for video and media platforms, announces a new partnership with Axinom, an expert in video streaming backends, to revolutionize digital user experiences.

This collaboration is set to introduce a new era of personalized and engaging digital user experiences by integrating Recombee's advanced machine-learning algorithms with Axinom's robust video streaming backed development platform, Axinom Mosaic.

At the heart of this collaboration are Recombee's advanced machine-learning algorithms, which power dynamic content and search recommendations. These algorithms enable streaming platforms to construct unparalleled user experiences, boosting engagement and satisfaction. Recombee's recommendation engine is celebrated for its ability to extract value from your data and instantly captivate users with real-time, personalized content suggestions from the first click. Recombee's solution offers companies complete control over their recommendations, allowing them to customize their behavior and leverage unique features designed for video platforms.

Axinom Mosaic stands out with its flexible, microservice-based architecture, which seamlessly combines managed and open-source services. This unique architecture is crucial for the integration of Recombee, providing multiple API endpoints for various Mosaic services like Media, Catalog, Image, and User Management. Additionally, Mosaic services furnish essential metadata and usage insights to enrich the user experience further.

Gabriela Takacova, Co-founder and CBO of Recombee, highlights the significance of this partnership: "In today’s market, personalized user experiences are not just preferred; they are expected. Our collaboration with Axinom allows companies to build an innovative, comprehensive solution for the video industry, marking a significant leap forward in meeting and exceeding these expectations. Axinom’s backend platform, known for its versatility and modularity, complements our vision, enabling streaming platforms to significantly enhance both the developer and end-user experience."

"Recombee’s state-of-the-art recommendation engine is a great counterpart for our Mosaic services, and this partnership allows us to showcase Axinom Mosaic’s strengths in backend development and easy integration. Utilizing both solutions, companies can not only enhance user experiences but can also benefit from best-of-breed solutions for both backend workflows and recommendation engines.," commented Stefanie Schuster, CCO, Axinom.

About Recombee

Recombee revolutionizes digital platforms with its sophisticated, AI-powered recommendation engine, empowering product managers to customize recommendations to align with their unique strategic business goals. Established by leading data and machine learning experts in 2015, Recombee has rapidly become a key player in the recommendation engine market, serving a diverse global client base, including industry giants like 9GAG and Showmax.

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About Axinom

Axinom helps media businesses overcome digital challenges and succeed in a rapidly changing landscape. We offer building blocks that enable the development of content-first backends. Media companies, broadcasters, and telcos worldwide rely on Axinom's products to tackle workflows for processing, managing, securing, and delivering video content.

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