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Chosen Examples of Recombee Recommendation Engine

Recombee recommender engine can be utilized in a variety of areas including movies, music, news, books or e-commerce products. Our data scientists help you to set up the right scenarios to fit your domain specific use cases.


Provide users with personalized experience from the very beginning.

  • Recommendations tailored to each specific user
  • Also applicable to anonymous users
  • Improve user experience and satisfaction
  • Decrease the time spent searching for relevant content

Product Detail Page

Increase basket size and/or conversion rates with personalized product suggestions.

  • Related product/item recommendations applicable not only to e-commerce but also to gaming, e-learning, job boards, etc.
  • Show your customers products they might like the most
  • Can be used cross-sell, up-sell
  • Different editable scenarios

Read Next/Watch Next

Increase time spent and advertising revenue with recommendations on relevant content.

  • CTR increase
  • Natural Language Processing based recommendations
  • Show your users newly released content based on each user’s preference
  • Satisfy and amaze your viewers and readers without closing them into a bubble

Email/Push Notifications

Increase the click through rate by 30% (CTR) with personalized e-mail marketing.

  • Bring users back to your website
  • Boost order value and profit margin
  • Reduce Purchasing Cycle

Full-Text Search

Improve relevance of search results and save customers’ time. Apply boosters of certain products in the search ranking to maximize revenue.

  • Combination of Search Engine and Machine Learning
  • Results based on search query full text matching and user’s interaction data and metadata
  • Narrow searches to specific items to save time
  • Higher purchase rate and satisfaction
  • Aids in the selection process for undecided customer
  • Support for typo corrections
  • Support for variety of languages, including non-European languages


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