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Typescript Frontend Developer

Where:​ Malá Štěpánská 1929/9, Prague, Czech Republic
Job Type:​ Full-time, Part-time

Recombee is a fast-growing hi-tech startup delivering AI-powered recommendation system. We are helping our clients to reach their KPIs and enterprise turnover by applying the newest machine learning and AI algorithms developed for big data that seek to help users discover content they will enjoy. Our recommendation system has excellent versatility and can be utilized in a variety of areas including E-commerce, movies, media, news, music, research articles, search queries, social tags, and much more. We are based in Prague and serve more than 1,000 websites worldwide.

Product Highlights

  • AI boosted real-time machine learning
  • Best-in-class integration and versatility
  • Excellent scalability, big data infrastructure

Our technical stack

We would like you to be able to help us with the development of new features as well as maintenance of existing ones. You can work on new features up to completion or focus on just the technical aspect that you know the best (i.e. CSS styling, state modeling, etc.).

  • A single-page application written in TypeScript
  • Using React for DOM rendering
  • MobX based state management
  • URQL as GraphQL client exposing static types of API Schema
  • Emotion library for css-in-js visual styling
  • Testing with Playwright test suite
  • Automated builds using Gitlab CI

What we are looking for

  • Good knowledge of TypeScript
  • Interest in technical design of data-driven, reactive UI
  • Solid experience in React or other reactive UI framework/library
  • Proficiency in CSS styling
  • Ability to work with Git

What we can offer

  • Skilled and experienced technical team with knowledge to share
  • Frequent home office and flexible working hours
  • A high-end working laptop with a 4k 32” monitor (or your preferred one)
  • Mobile tariff with unlimited data
  • Office in the city center
  • 5 sick days

We offer a dynamic and international working environment, flat hierarchies, fascinating challenges, and great personal responsibilities.

Are you ready to push boundaries, inspire, and most importantly, be yourself? Bring a smile and become part of the Recombee family.

Apply Today! We Are Looking Forward to Your Application!

Contact person - Karen Harazimova | Partnership Coordinator |

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