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Push relevant job opportunities forward. Leverage from AI-powered quality in your job board software and drive your site through the ranks!

Job boards, HR, Networking

Use Cases

Recommended Jobs For You

Recommend personalized job offers based on history and individual preferences.

Similar Job Offers

Present alternatives to searched jobs.

Similar Candidates

Showcase candidates with similar qualifications, skills, and experience that may also be a fit for the job.

Personalized Search

Match search queries and tailor job offers to individual needs.

More From This Employer

Show more job listings from a chosen employer.

Personalized Emailing

Run campaigns through personalized emails with newly added job offers matching individual criteria.

Leverage Customer Insights and Become the Go-to Platform for Work Recommendations

Applying to jobs has never been a simple task, resulting in thousands of CVs and profiles in circulation every day. Use the combination of our deep learning recommendations and hyper-personalization to push the relevant job opportunities and applicants forward. Our natural language processing can recognize texts in any language, enabling our engine to scan and compare applicants within seconds.

Make use of our machine learning models that read CVs without the need of tagging for smarter match with work recommendations. Faster and more accurate matching of applicants to employers will guarantee the return of both customers in the future, benefiting your job listing platform and giving you a competitive edge over your rivals.

Recombee’s robust recommendation engine analyzes properties such as degree level, skillset or availability and interactions like viewed or recently applied to jobs. In particular, providing us information such as applicant’s and listing’s geo-locations can be used to increase the precision of matchmaking.

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Core Technology

Adapting to your data

Adapting to your data

A robust system that can utilize all data available to generate great recommendations for your users, including collaborative filtering and content-based models.

Dynamically Retrained Models

Dynamically Retrained Models

Real-time content personalization to keep up with the number of newly added job listings every day.

Specific Functionalities to Job Boards

Specific Functionalities to Job Boards

Machine learning to read CVs without the need of tagging, and NLP recognizing texts in 80+ languages.

AI-powered A/B Testing

AI-powered A/B Testing

In-house AutoML AI applied to keep maximal KPIs and advance the deep learning algorithm functions.

Advanced Business Rules

Advanced Business Rules

Boosters or filters to push forward desired listings and easy to manipulate, adjustable rules for additional optimization of your content.

Real AI Inside

Real AI Inside

State of the art machine learning algorithms recommending job vacancies based on historical on-site behavior.

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