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Recombee Partners With Axinom to Enhance Video Streaming Experiences

This collaboration is set to introduce a new era of personalized and engaging digital user experiences.

Jan Valuch
Mar 20

Recombee Real-Time AI Recommendations as the New Destination in Segment

Segment has enabled its users to enjoy Recombee personalization services without the need to leave their platform and with minimum coding involved. With a few simple clicks, domains using Segment can upgrade their services to maximize the digital experience for their customers.

Adela Sloupenska
Mar 05

Recombee in E-mail Marketing: A Partner Success Story with Ryzeo

Do you feel there is a potential to increase your success with customers through an efficient recommender engine? You're highly likely right. Adding a recommender service to your emailing campaigns gives each client tailored product recommendations in all of their emails.

Russell Miller (Ryzeo)
Oct 5, 2022

How We Are Using AI to Power Content Recommendations

In this article we walk you through how we are using the AI recommendation engine Recombee embedded in our headless CMS StoryBlok to drive content recommendations throughout our own website.

Sep 31, 2022

AI-Powered Content Recommendations With a Headless CMS

Thanks to its API-first nature, it is quite straightforward to integrate your headless CMS with the most powerful AI-powered content recommendations available on the market. Luminary just did that with their own website, and Recombee.

Andy Thompson (Luminary)
Aug 31, 2022