Admin UI

Real Time Analytics and Seamless Configuration

Explore performance metrics and configure recommendations to reflect your personalization needs. Use simple and user-friendly interface designed for all your team members.

KPI Dashboard

Leverage Advanced Insights With Customizable Dashboard

Monitor performance of recommendations in time. Pin chosen KPI displays to create your own dashboard.

  • Recommendation funnels
  • Number of interactions
  • Metrics comparison
  • Per scenario metrics

Scenarios & Business Rules

Manage Your Recommendations

Tailor your recommendations using specific models and business rules. Use your own specific filters and boosters or the ones predefined by our data scientists.

  • Scenario customization. Read more
  • Business rules - Filters and Boosters. Read more
  • Recombee Library contains predefined Business rules

Catalog and Interactions

Explore Uploaded Data

Check quality of your data sent to Recombee. Enjoy smooth integration and precise management of database items/users interactions.

  • Smooth and flawless integration for developers
  • Insights for marketing department's desicion making

And More...

Product Feed

Import items to the item catalog using Google Merchant or Heureka product feed. The feed is periodically crawled and item catalog updated.


Choose the databases or the organizations you want to share with the Marketing, Finance, Development teams or collaborators.

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