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About us

Innovative Data Scientists Bringing AI-Powered Recommender System

Our Mission is to bring highest quality recommender system to our clients.

Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced people,
who all commit to achieve our goals in delivering an optimum and first-class recommender system as a service to our clients.

Pavel Kordik, Ph.D.
Founder, CEO
Data scientist with 16 years of experience in the field of predictive modeling and data mining. Pavel is also a lecturer of several machine learning courses, such as Algorithms of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering Methods at Czech Technical University in Prague.
Tomas Rehorek, Ph.D.
Founder, CTO
Runs a team of data scientists responsible for scalable algorithms and infrastructure. Tomas specializes in recommendation algorithms and has been lecturing AI for 5 years at FIT CTU in Prague. He overlooks product research and innovations.
Ondrej Fiedler
Founder, Lead Developer
Overseeing development and deployment of new features to the production and working closely with client’s development teams to ensure smooth and high quality product delivery.
Gabriela Takacova
Head of Business, Co-founder
With rich international experience from working and studying in 6 countries, responsible for development and implementation of a growth strategy, market expansion, new customer acquisition and brand awareness.
Tomas Barton, Ph.D.
Infrastructure, Data Protection
Is the architect of Recombee private cloud infrastructure. Tomas manages infrastructure advancements and adoption of cutting-edge technologies, and well as maintenance, monitoring, and data security.
Ladislav Martinek
Machine Learning Developer
Combines profound knowledge of machine learning and theoretical computer science while implementing optimized and highly efficient real-time models.
Josef Malik
Machine Learning Developer
Vojtech Vancura
Machine Learning Researcher
Antonin Kral, Ph.D.
Infrastructure, Data Protection
Antonin helps with designing and building the global server infrastructure. He has tremendous experience in distributed systems, data streaming and processing, services orchestration, and machine learning.
Matyas Skalicky
Artificial Intelligence Researcher
Ondrej Cvacho
Back-end Developer
Taking care of Recombee back-end services.
Jiri Brabec
Lead Front-end Developer
Taking care of Recombee admin front-end app.
Daniel Breiner
Front-end Developer
Karen Harazimova
Business Development
Daniel Suwandhi
Business & Finance Support
Filip Hanus
Client Development Specialist
Petr Kasalicky
Machine Learning Researcher
Keeps track of the state-of-the-art in neural networks with focus on computer vision and explores novel deep-learning models and algorithms.
Michael Kolinsky
Machine Learning Developer
Kristyna Klesnilova
Backend Developer
Ondra Brem
UX Researcher
Franta Toman
Makes all design things - UI/UX, web and brand.
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"Currently, we are able to provide recommender as a service to companies with dozens of millions of users and products with the plan to scale up. We work hard to make our service even more useful and profitable not only for large enterprises but also for small
and medium-sized companies."

Pavel Kordik
CEO, Co-founder

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