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Boost Clients Satisfaction With Real-Time Personalization

Do you manage a small digital agency that runs several e-shops? Or do you operate a CMS product used by thousands of customers? We provide you with a fitting recommender engine, regardless of your size or market.

Join the partnership program

Upgrade your company’s performance with the Recombee partnership program

New revenue stream in 1 day

Self-integration and onboarding proceeds fast and easy thanks to detailed documentation. Recombee is up and running in your environment within 24 hours.

Higher ROI

Offer your clients an AI service to shoot their conversion rate through the roof. By delivering better results, you achieve a perfect win-win situation.

Priority support

We are always here to assist you. Do you have any questions regarding product implementation? Do you need support throughout the sales process? Let us help.

Are we a good fit?

You want to grow your business by providing exceptional AI service to your clients. You have the tech know-how needed to implement it. And you want it today.

Medium and large e-shop operators

Do you build e-shops for your clients that aim for higher revenues? Imagine providing your clients with the next level of personalization. Start increasing the basket volume now!

Do you manage an eCommerce agency? Let’s say you boost the click-through-rate by 30% on average by providing personalized content for each individual customer. Launch your star performance now!

Do you run high traffic content websites with a sea of content? What if we told you can use recommendations to increase customer engagement? Kick up your advertising revenue now!

Do you develop bespoke software for clients? Picture a home screen with products or content tailored to the needs of each individual user. Engage your users now!

Get on board, you’ll be in good company

"It has become very difficult for companies to handle all their customer journeys and patterns, so if you’d like to provide visitors with the best content and customers with the best products, you need to start thinking AI."

David KomarekDavid KomarekProduct Owner at Kentico Software

How it works


Contact us to discuss your business case and the reasons to implement Recombee. We will get back to you with a proposal that suits your specific needs.


We setup your partnership account. This takes up to 1 day and it’s completely FREE. For a smooth integration, use our documentation. We are here to help. Get a 1-month free trial for each of your clients.


Congratulations, your services are now improved with Recombee. You also get the full technology and marketing support. Start skyrocketing your results!

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