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Signal 2022

Are You a Twilio Segment User?
Add Recombee as a Destination for Personalized User Experiences

Harness the power of real-time content and product recommendations powered by AI. Applicable across multiple touchpoints of your customer journey.

About Recombee

  • Recommender engine SaaS powered by AI
  • Easy to implement using Segment
  • Works seamlessly with big data in real-time
  • Scalable across multiple sites and channels
  • Personalized scenarios for each user
  • More than 100+ algorithms to boost your platform

Not sure how to integrate?

  1. Create your Recombee account
  2. Connect your Segment Source to Recombee Destination
  3. Upload catalog data to Recombee
  4. Configure the recommendations
  5. Show the recommendations to your users

Follow the Recombee Segment Recipe  for full steps.