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Achieve More With Personalized Offers

Leverage customer insights and increase your partner and customer loyalties using a smart product recommendation system.

Use Cases

Top Offers For You

Recommend personalized top listings.

"Recommended From "Your Favorite and Related Categories"

Provide a fully personalized homepage composed of favorite and related categories.

Quick Search

Match search queries and tailor offers to individual preferences.

Mixed Search

Allow for filtering of offers based on multiple criteria and categories.

Faceted Search

Enable an efficient and flexible search option for finding the most relevant offers.

Recently Viewed

Keep track of recently viewed offers, making it easy to access and view them again.

Similar Offers

Present alternatives to searched offers or suggest suitable replacements for closed/ended ones.

More From This Advertiser

Show more offers from the same advertiser.

Same Category For You

Display more offers from the same category.

Popular & Trending

Highlight popular and in-demand offers.

Personalized Category Browsing With Infinite Scroll

Let customers browse categories with an infinite scroll of personalized recommendations generated in real-time.

Daily Picks For You

Run campaigns through personalized emails with newly added offers matching individual criteria.

Drive traffic to your marketplace and increase your conversion rates

Recombee offers a unique solution to both buyers and sellers. While buyers benefit from finding items specific to their needs, platform owners may enjoy extra revenues from advertisements through higher CTR and customer loyalty. Not to mention, deep learning models that enable items with a lack of leads to still be discovered and enjoyed by the customer, and thus increasing your credibility as a trusted platform by your partners.

Recombee benefits from the use of collaborative filtering, which is applied to ads without sufficient descriptions, no tags or poor quality of images. The deep learning networks - NLP for 80 languages and image processing, in our recommendation engine tackle uncertainties that are most often caused by data scarcity and work with the fast-changing user generated content (UGC), standard to classified marketplaces.

Atypical to other competitors, Recombee’s customers stay one step ahead by 1:1 personalization based on all possible information, including data gathered from image processing and natural language processings models . Our robust engine analyzes item properties such as category, region, price and availability, and interactions like viewing the ads and listings or buy actions.

Core Technology

Adapting to your data

Adapting to your data

A robust system that can utilize all data available to generate great recommendations for your users, including collaborative filtering and content-based models.

Dynamically Retrained Models

Dynamically Retrained Models

Real-time content personalization to suit the flourishing customer’s tastes and adaptation of fast-changing user-generated content.

Specific Functionalities for Marketplaces

Specific Functionalities for Marketplaces

Image processing to analyze items using pictures and NLP to analyze ads’ attributes from the text descriptions.

AI-powered A/B Testing

AI-powered A/B Testing

In-house AutoML AI applied to keep maximal KPIs and advance the deep learning algorithm functions.

Advanced Business Rules

Advanced Business Rules

Boosters or filters to push forward desired listings and easy to manipulate, adjustable rules for additional optimization of your content.

Real AI Inside

Real AI Inside

Reinforcement learning and collaborative filtering to recommend personalized ads or listings based on historical on-site behavior.

"Our developers love Recombee documentation as well as quick and valuable technical support. We see Recombee’s “recommendationsToUser“ algorithm as a great option to start offering a personalized experience on our site."

Marco Alvarez
Product Manager at Segundamano